We enlist professional teachers and volunteers to provide free individual and group tutoring in all subjects for students in need.


Dream Scholars work on community service projects as a way to give back. They learn new skills, experience a sense of belonging, and learn about their community in a way that matters to them. 


The hours outside of school represent for Dream Scholars an opportunity to grow and acquire important social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to help them explore new ideas and interests, understand the world around them, and be global citizens. Enrichment experiences include field trips to cultural and recreational events, leadership activities such as wilderness outings, life skills workshops including counseling when needed, and speaking engagements. These opportunities are designed to broaden Dream Scholar experiences and encourage trying new things! 


We know that youth who have a positive connection with a mentor are twice as likely to attend college. They grow intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally from supportive mentor relationships. Dream Scholars are matched with long-term, reliable, supportive, and caring adults to provide individualized guidance and connection and serve as positive role models. 



We establish and deepen ongoing personalized relationships with all Dream Scholars and their families through individualized home visits, parent meetings and family activities. 



Designed to enhance our students’ motivation, academic achievement, increase personal and social competence related to work and career planning, Dream Scholars participate in tours of workplaces, job shadowing, and career mentoring. College preparation includes academic counseling, college visits and attending The Dream Up Conference, a college readiness and success conference aimed at reinforcing the goal of college success. The conference emphasizes topics such as academic persistence, career exploration, and financial literacy, while the social activities are designed to foster a sense of unity amongst Dream Scholars from around the country. Dream UP provides Dream Scholars with a college immersion experience that helps them envision and prepare for college life. Dream Scholars live in dorms, eat in dining halls, and attend workshops in college classrooms. Dream Scholars meet college students, hear from professors and expert speakers, and engage with Dream Scholar alumni who have achieved their college and career goals. For many of our Dream Scholars, attending Dream UP is their first experience traveling out of state, and with their peers.