We enlist professional teachers, peer tutors, and community volunteers to provide individual and group tutoring in all subjects for students in need.


Dream Scholars work on community service projects as a way to give back. They learn about individual and community needs and how they can help and support others. They gain new skills and develop a sense of belonging and responsibility that comes with being part of a larger community.


Consultants and mentors facilitate a range of workshops, experiential learning, and small group discussions to support life skills development. Topics include learning how to plan and manage academic demands, job and career exploration, job site visits, financial literacy development, current events, and the value of community participation and enrichment.


The hours outside of school represent for Dream Scholars an opportunity to grow and acquire important social, emotional, cultural and physical skills to help them explore new ideas and interests, understand the world around them, and be global citizens. Enrichment experiences include field trips to cultural and recreational events, leadership activities such as wilderness outings, life skills workshops including counseling when needed, and speaking engagements. These opportunities are designed to broaden Dream Scholar experiences and encourage trying new things! 


We are launching a series of college preparatory programs to support our Dream Scholars as they begin to plan for their post-secondary education. Course schedules for 11th and 12th grade will be reviewed and optimized for targeted post-secondary options. Workshops will be offered to prep for the all-important college entrance exams. Dream Scholars will meet with college counselors and receive guidance on completing applications for admission and financial aid.


We know that youth who have a positive connection with a mentor are twice as likely to attend college. They grow intellectually, interpersonally and emotionally from supportive mentor relationships. Dream Scholars are matched with long-term, reliable, supportive, and caring adults, who provide individualized guidance and connection and serve as positive role models. 



We establish and deepen ongoing personalized relationships with all Dream Scholars and their families. Family programming is expanding to promote interest and understanding about Dream Scholar educational experiences, post-secondary education, community enrichment and other IHDF opportunities. Families will be encouraged to participate in community service with their Dream Scholars. Monthly potluck dinners with IHDF staff will ensure ongoing conversations and connection as special achievements by Dream Scholars are recognized, along with short presentations around upcoming events or important issues.


Dream Scholars take part in workshops, small group sessions and 1:1 discussions to support their social/emotional development. Skills are learned to manage school and life balance. Tools for stress management and peer pressure are taught, and support to make healthy choices is offered. Support is also provided to manage difficult family or school issues, and students are offered opportunities to work with their peers as they confront normal teen pressures.


The Dream UP Conference is a college readiness and success conference aimed at reinforcing the goal of college success. The conference emphasizes topics such as academic persistence, career exploration, and financial literacy, while the social activities are designed to foster a sense of unity amongst Dream Scholars from around the country. Dream UP provides Dream Scholars with a college immersion experience that helps them envision and prepare for college life. For many of our Dream Scholars, attending Dream UP is their first experience traveling out of state. Students will also visit local and regional college sites and enjoy immersion experiences to support their understanding of post-secondary educational opportunities.