Our Mission is Unique

We are committed to our students for the long-term. Dream Scholars receive year-round engagement and support with the same group of youth from elementary school through high school and beyond. As a unique incentive, each Dream Scholar is offered tuition assistance for college or vocational school upon their successful completion of high school. 

We Focus on the Individual

We take an individual approach, tailoring our programs to suit each Dream Scholar’s particular needs and interests. Parents are involved every step of the way.

We Believe

Impact is measured in years, that we can do more good by helping a small number of kids over the long haul, rather than many kids in the short-term. Connection and relationships, long-term commitment and consistent support makes a difference in the ability of Dream Scholars to stay in school and move on to higher education.

We Know

When low income Blaine County students have the same opportunities, support and resources as their higher income peers, they hold the tools they need to go on to college and career, creating a ripple effect that improves themselves, their families and their community.