The "I Have a Dream" Foundation-Idaho team is passionate about helping young people pursue their interests, achieve their goals, overcome challenges, connect with our community and change their lives through education.

Laura Rose-Lewis brings a background in organizational strategy, planning and development to the “I Have a Dream” Foundation - Idaho (IHDF). She has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Certified Executive Coach. 

Laura has consulted for nonprofit organizations for well over a decade. She has worked with leaders to build organizational capacity through strategic planning, development, fundraising, outreach and public relations.

Laura’s work in organizational development and strategy informs her role as Executive Director of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation. She is passionate about her work with the IHDF board, staff and volunteers, dedicated to furthering the mission of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation to support youth to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.

Laura and her husband have three adult children. When not at work, Laura loves spending time with her family, and with friends, exploring new outdoor adventures in the mountains of Idaho.


Executive Director

Pamela was born and raised in Santiago, Chile and as a first-generation college graduate, she understands the value and importance of education. Pamela holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Spanish from the University of Mayor-Santiago and has worked as an ESL educator in Chile, and an interpreter-translator in English, Spanish and Italian. Pamela enjoys spending time with her husband, two sons and their beloved dog. She is honored to be part of "I Have a Dream" Foundation - Idaho’s mission to help children change their lives through education. 


Program Director

Kris has been involved with children and adolescents in numerous capacities since she began working with youth development organizations in the Wood River Valley in 1993. She brings 25+ years of expertise and passion as a licensed professional counselor specializing in adolescent development to “I Have a Dream” Foundation-Idaho. A native of Los Angeles, Kris received her undergraduate degree from Bennington College in Vermont and her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from JFK University in California. When not trail running in the woods, Kris enjoys spending time chilling with her husband Michael, three sons, Jackson, Will and Aidan and dogs Piper and Augie.



Herbert Romero, AKA “Romero” is a mentor and cultural liaison, working in the Wood River Valley since 2015. Romero founded the Hailey Hispanic Heritage Festival and supports a wide number of nonprofits in the Valley. He defines himself as a “mobilizer, advocate and collaborator.”

Romero was born in El Salvador and immigrated with his parents and two sisters to Los Angels when he was four. When he was in 4th grade, he and his family moved to South Central L.A. By the time Romero was a teenager, South Central was in a period of intense gang violence. Romero spent time around gangs but found his way to another way of life after being recruited by a group called “Soledad Enrichment Action” (S.E.A.), a nonprofit organization founded by mothers whose sons were victims of gang violence. Romero looked to the Executive Director and a priest at the East Los Angeles Soledad Catholic Church for guidance. Romero states: “he taught me about leadership and how not to give into peer pressure, how to look out for my fellow man and make a contribution to community.”

Romero has lived these values since then, and supports a host of local nonprofits and the community, as an advocate, mentor, community liaison, and collaborative connector. At the “I Have a Dream” Foundation, Romero is one of our team who works with many of our young men, to guide them to make healthy choices, teach them life skills, engage them in community service and enrichment activities, and holds them accountable to fulfill their responsibilities as a student, Dream Scholar, family and community member.