Dream Scholar Class of 2022


The "I Have a Dream" Foundation - Idaho was established in 2012 by local philanthropist Kenneth Lewis as an affiliate of the national "I Have a Dream" Foundation. After serving as the National Chairman of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation in New York, and as the founding Chairman of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation - Oregon, Ken’s belief in the power of education to change lives ignited his decision to establish an Idaho affiliate with the hopes of helping children in the Wood River Valley achieve their dreams of college and career. 


The vision for “I Have a Dream” was inspired in 1981 by businessman Eugene M. Lang, who as he was speaking to a graduating class of sixth graders in East Harlem New York, learned that over 75% of them would not graduate from high school. In that moment, he promised to do all he could to help the 61 children achieve their goals and on that very day he committed to provide all of them with college tuition upon graduation from high school. His efforts to help each of those students reach their individual academic and life goals (75% did graduate and 60% went on to college), lead to the creation of the "I Have a Dream" Foundation and propelled what would become a national movement to help other underserved children in communities across the United States.